The Office of the Vice-Provost (Learning & Teaching) (OVPLT) is delighted to partner with faculties and the university community to present a Learning Lunch Box professional learning series.

These are practical workshops held over lunchtime once a month, where attendees can bring their lunch and learn tips, tricks and ideas which could be incorporated into their own teaching units very quickly.

They will generally feature 3 x 10 minute sessions, plus Q&A. They will be held at different campuses each time on various days, with the option of connecting virtually where possible.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Learning Lunch Box March 2015

25th March 2015, Caulfield

The next Learning Lunch Box, presented by the Office of the Vice-Provost (Learning & Teaching), will feature presentations by Professor Tina Overton, Dr Elizabeth Yuriev and Dr Matthew Dimmock

Date: Wednesday 25th March 2015

Time: 12pm - 1pm

Venue: The Slate, Room C3.22, Building C, Level 3, Caulfield (located in Office of VPLT)

Friday, 27 February 2015

'Virtual' Learning Lunchbox - February 2015

Welcome to the February 'Virtual' Learning Lunchbox.

The videos provided are intended to stimulate thought and discussion about various ideas presented on teaching and learning by Monash University educators.

The first presentation is by Associate Professor Bradley Ladewig on making educational videos, including lighting setup, sound, camera, and post-production in Final Cut Pro X.

The second video is by Associate Professor Robert Nelson discussing the place of the lecture format in current university teaching.

The third and fourth presentations also by Robert Nelson are further videos in the `Learning Space' series.

We hope that you will find these videos interesting and thought provoking.

Presentation 1 - Bradley Ladewig

Making Educational Videos

Associate Professor Bradley Ladewig - Department of Chemical Engineering

Presentation 2 - Robert Nelson

Apologia for lectures

Associate Professor Robert Nelson - Associate Director, Student Experience, Office of the Vice-Provost (Learning &Teaching)

Presentation 3 - Robert Nelson

Learning Space 3 - The conversational versus the pedagogical

Associate Professor Robert Nelson - Associate Director, Student Experience, Office of the Vice-Provost (Learning & Teaching)